Zero Energy Homes

Inspiring Homebuyers and Building Owners to Demand Net-Zero Energy and Zero Emission Homes/Buildings

Net-zero energy and zero emission homes/buildings are being built ALL across the U.S., and yet so many buyers either don’t know this level of performance, including optimized comfort and minimized maintenance, is within their grasp. Our panelists on this episode are helping to dispel these misunderstandings.

(with Paul Kriescher, Paul Hutton, & David Takahashi)

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how and why people design and build/remodel net-zero energy houses/buildings.
2. Learn about the true costs of net-zero energy home construction vs. operational, maintenance and environmental impact savings (new and retrofit).
3. Understand the importance of the thermal envelope prior to electrifying heating, cooling and ventilation equipment.
4. Learn why solar PV is the “icing on the cake”, not the first step.
  • Inspiring Homebuyers and Building Owners to Demand Net-Zero Homes
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed